Theatre Unlimited is a touring theatre company founded in 1998 with a strong educational bias.  Their first production was a “wonderfully fresh and involving” (The Independent) ‘Hamlet’ at Greenwich Theatre, which incorporated workshop presentations from 19 school and community groups alongside the main production.  Similar projects followed on productions of ‘Macbeth’, ‘Measure For Measure’ and ‘Othello’. 

In 2010 they launched ‘Living History’, a scheme aimed at enriching GCSE History students’ appreciation and understanding of momentous events through the use of personal testimony theatre.  Following the success of the first two plays,  ‘Not About Heroes’ and ‘Defying Hitler’, in 2012, they will be reviving ‘Defying Hitler’ in tandem with a brand new play, ‘Stalin’s Favourite’, about a compromised writer in Stalin’s Russia, which received its world premiere at the National Theatre in London. 

Whilst providing an invaluable educational resource, these productions are not targeted exclusively at schools.  Both the subject matter and the source material makes the plays of interest to a much wider public, attracting a genuinely mixed audience of school groups, university students, as well as interested and informed members of the general public, generating a foment of ideas and reactions.

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